If you are looking for a custom size or silhouettes which is other than what we have already launched officially, we can now customise the following prints upto 4XL ( body chest size of maximum 50 inches )

We can customise the following silhouettes

  1. Mens Half Sleeve ( signature or cuban )
  2. Mens Full Sleeve
  3. Womens Shirt Dress 
  4. Womens Shirt

It is recommended for you to send us a perfectly fitted garment and we will send you a replicated size in the choice of your print.

The price will be ₹ 5000 for any custom order regardless of size or print. The order shall be fully prepaid and will be delivered to you within a maximum of 7 days. Since this is a custom order, the order cannot be returned or exchanged or altered to a bigger size.

If any of our existing fitting suits you perfectly and you just need a custom print in that particular silhouette, we will charge ₹ 4000.