Grand Oasis Kaftan

Regular price₹ 4,000


Fitting and Sizing : The kaftan is very comfortable and can easily accommodate upto bust of 42 inches (X-Large) . Model has a bust of 34 inches and is wearing Free size 

Artwork Description : a dynamic fusion of cultural elements, depicted in three distinct sections. The topmost segment embodies the cultural richness of Kerala, presenting a wedding celebration amidst a picturesque mountain range and air-borne objects, such as hot air balloons and kites, imbuing the scene with a whimsical atmosphere.
The middle segment encompasses the artistry of Rajasthan, featuring native wildlife and a female figure seated on a zebra, attired in traditional Rajasthani garb, embodying a vision of the future.
The bottom section delves into the fairy tale realm of Aladdin, showcasing a young woman soaring on a carpet, exuding the mythical enchantment of this timeless story.
This artwork is a vivid expression of the intricate interplay of cultural motifs, presenting a breathtaking visual display of the diversity and unity of cultural traditions.

Silhouette : The Kaftan features a free-size that can be tailored to your desired fit with the attached adjustable belt.

Fabric : Modal (100% biodegradable Viscose) 

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