Royal Mughal Kaftan

Regular price₹ 4,000


Fitting and Sizing : The kaftan is very comfortable and can easily accommodate upto bust of 42 inches (X-Large) . Model has a bust of 34 inches and is wearing Free size 

Artwork Description :  a captivating visual feast, showcasing a world rich in flora and fauna, including a sparkling river, lotus flowers, regal horse, three graceful white deers, majestic trees and a clear blue sky. The serene landscape is further enriched by the presence of singing birds, creating a sense of movement and life, and the white deers symbolizing purity and innocence. This stunning piece is a tribute to the rich cultural heritage of the Mughal Empire and a celebration of the beauty and majesty of nature.

Silhouette : The Kaftan features a free-size that can be tailored to your desired fit with the attached adjustable belt.

Fabric : Modal (100% biodegradable Viscose) 

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